Hiding In Your Cupboard

Hiding In Your Cupboard
Banksy's desecration of the Palestinian wall

Friday, 12 January 2007

Slumming it a bit at first. This is the hotel we've booked for our first couple of nights in India.

First Post

Dear Readers,
Although we haven't donned our practical travel sandals just yet it feels fitting the first post on this blog should come from the IT Training Room, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Hathersage Road.
The room is painted a tribal white and lined with what appear to be sockets of the electrical variety. My companion (a man in his fifteies) is playing minesweeper.
The days are long here, the temperatures variable and the challenges are vicious in their cruelty. My only way of communicating with popular bat stiletto Jayne Dixon is via the power of email.
Soon though we will be leaving this box of blandness and travelling on a plane, no less, to several places of greater interest at which point I shall write something more relevant in the space below.